Why do I keep getting a stitch?

  • Stitches can be caused by a number of reasons, but it usually relates to the jostling about of the internal organs as you run, especially the liver. Everyone gets them - but here are some general tips to lower their impact 1) Slow down: stitches are often caused by overexertion. Do the whole run at a pace you can comfortably talk at. 2) Focus on your breathing. Regular breathing tied to your pace can help. Breathe in for two steps, breathe out for two steps. Or whatever pattern you find comfortable. If you get a stitch, try 'swapping sides', breathe in when your left foot hits the ground rather than your right, and vice versa 3) The most effective thing is not to consume any fizzy drinks (or other foods that don't always sit well in the stomach) for at least 4-6 hours before a run. 4) Keep running... as you get fitter. you will find they don't happen as much.

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