Which training plan is right for me?

  • There are five levels of training plan on Great Run Training. 20 Minute Challenge. This plan is for you if you have not run before or have not undertaken any physical activity for a long time. The 8 week plan is designed to get you to 20 minutes of running (or jogging, speed is entirely up to you). Starter Plans. These plans are for those who haven't done any physical activity for a long time but want to take part in an event for the first time. The plans gently increase the your training and get you in shape to enjoy your chosen event. Improver Plans. If you have completed one or two events in the past or feel you have a reasonable level of fitness these plans will guide you to a higher level of fitness and have you ready to try for a faster time at your chosen event. Challenger & Advances Plans. These plans are designed for more dedicated runners ready to train 5+ days each week, and with ambitions to finish near the front of their chosen event(s).

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